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Rotary Tiller

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Rotary tiller is one of the most productive tools on the farm, or in an industrial application. Rotary tillers are primary tillage tools. They chop and blend surface residue into the soil profile, improving soil structure, incorporating organic matter and improving drainage. The user can control the soil finish through several adjustments on the machine. Tillers can leave the soil surface rough and cloddy with a high level of residue, or level and fine with minimum reside. They’re perfect for working in heavy residue and shattering hard, packed ground. Standard, 65Mn heat treated steel tines mulch through thick residue and create the ideal soil texture for planting.

Model  1GN100 1GN125 1GN135 1GN150 1GN180 1GN210
Working Width(mm) 1000 1250 1350 1500 1800 2100
Weight(kg)  260 285 305 350 425 500
Number of Flanges 5 6 6 7 8 9
Number of Blades Per Flange

6 (Optional 4)

Hitch Type 

Cat 1, Standard 3 point hitch

Gearbox Lubrication

SAE 90 oil

Rotor Diameter


PTO Turning Speed


Matched Power (hp) 25-30 25-30   25-30 30-50 50-70 60-90
Overall Size (cm) 120X70X80 145X70X80 155X70X80 170X70X80 200X70X80 230X70X80


Structure Weight 455kg 478kg 498kg 512kg
Tilling Width 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm 2300mm
Max Tilling Depth 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm
No. of Blade 48 54 60 60
3-Point Link

Cat 2, Standard 3 point hitch

PTO Turning Speed 540r/min 540r/min 540r/min 540r/min
Tractor HP 45-55hp 50-60hp 60-70hp 70-80hp

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